Shenmue 2 mt7 files

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Shenmue 2 mt7 files

Postby TonyM » Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:25

Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone could decode shenmue's mt7 models(files are below in the link).

I tried to decode them myself but had no luck.

Here is the description of the included files.

The first file:TITL5TMG.mt7

this is one of the smallest files,Its a simple logo that is shown here below.


Second file:BOX02696.mt7

just a box

Third file:RYO_M.mt7


standing in the middle

Side note:

As you can see everything before the g is suppose to be the 3d mesh.Everything after are just textures

Ok thanks in advance.

*edit fixed the link again
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