Unpacking DNP archives of Eudemons Online

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Unpacking DNP archives of Eudemons Online

Postby mirex » Tue Nov 24, 2009 22:06

Unmass program version 0.92 has support for DNP archives. These are archives of game Eudemons Online and maybe also of some more games from TqDigital.

You can download Unmass here: http://mirex.mypage.sk/FILES/unm_w092.rar


DNP archives do not contain names of the files, so you have to supply them. Unmass is looking for a file dnplist.txt containing filenames for dnp archives. This file has to be located in the same directory as DNP file, it is a text file and it should contain lines of text like this:
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Each line contains one filename. Line can contain either plain filename, or <something>=filename. One easy way to create dnplist.txt is to take some ini file which has list of files (ie 3dobj.ini ) then copy it to directory where are dnp archives, and rename it to dnplist.txt.

If there is a file in archive with unknown name you will see it as "missing/<hashnumber>.extension" ( see image above ). If you know that some file should be present in the file and it is named 'missing', just add its filename with complete path to dnplist.txt and reopen the archive file. If path and name is correct and present in the archive file will show up in the list.

Big up goes to UNKNOWNONE from ElitePvpers for decyphering routine and publishing sourcecode for his dnpextract. He made all the hard work.
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