Chrono Cross Model Data - Unknown Format

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Chrono Cross Model Data - Unknown Format

Postby FaustWolf » Tue Nov 06, 2007 20:21

I've got a thread at Qhimm and Xentax too, but I thought I'd relay my investigation of Chrono Cross' in-battle character and weapon models here too. Basically, I strongly suspect I've got model data and need confirmation on that or some way to view the model data. ... ttach=1950

Firstly, the link is a zip containing a chunk of data from the CD image that I have named "ModelMine1." It's just raw hex data, and its beginning corresponds to a fresh sector (2048 bytes/sector as always) in the CD image. The data fall in this order: A header; Serge's battle model texture; Serge's eyeball texture; unknown data; Serge's first weapon model texture; unknown data; etc. Also inside the zip is a copy of my datamap for "ModelMine1," which I reproduce below. The chunk seems to be 11 sectors long exactly, if that means anything.

Also included in the zip are Serge's battle model texture, eyeball texture, and the seven weapon texture TIMs that occur within the ModelMine.

DATAMAP: All offsets given in hexadecimal notation.

00000000 ~ 0000000F: 16 byte header
00000010 ~ 0000823B: Serge Battle Texture
0000823C ~ 00009467: Serge Eyeball Blink Texture
00009468 ~ 000097FF: 00 Buffer Bytes
00009800 ~ 00014847: Unknown Data (Battle Model?)
00014848 ~ 00015DC7: Serge Weapon Texture 1
00015DC8 ~ 00016BE7: Unknown Data (Weapon Model?)
00016BE8 ~ 00018167: Serge Weapon Texture 2
00018168 ~ 00018C5F: Unknown Data (Weapon Model?)
00018C60 ~ 0001A1DF: Serge Weapon Texture 3
0001A1E0 ~ 0001AF0F: Unknown Data (Weapon Model?)
0001AF10 ~ 0001C48F: Serge Weapon Texture 4
0001C490 ~ 0001D2EF: Unkonown Data (Weapon Model?)
0001D2F0 ~ 0001E86F: Serge Weapon Texture 5
0001E870 ~ 0001F687: Unkknown Data (Weapon Model?)
0001F688 ~ 00020C07: Serge Weapon Texture 6
00020C08 ~ 00021897: Unknown Data (Weapon Model?)
00021898 ~ 00022E17: Serge Weapon Texture 7
00022E18 ~ 00023FFF: Unknown Data (Weapon Model?)

After this begins my ModelMine2 file, which contains Kid's suspected battle model and weapon model data. I'll post that later for comparison if anyone's interested.

SUSPECTED MODEL FILE INFO: The offsets and file lengths may actually be one byte too "short" depending on whether I'm interpreting the hex code correctly. For example, the First "Weapon Model" listed below is described as 3615 bytes long. If it makes more sense, feel free to interpret the file size as 3616 bytes.

First "Model" : 45127 bytes long. Header begins "06 00 00 00 20 00 00 00"
First "Weapon Model" : 3615 bytes long. Header begins "01 00 00 80 48 00 5E 00"
Second "Weapon Model" : 2807 bytes long. Header begins "01 00 00 80 39 00 46 00"
Third "Weapon Model" : 3375 bytes long. Header begins "01 00 00 80 43 00 58 00"

The weapon "models" are consistent in their first 8 bytes, which may constitute a model file header; the first 8 bytes for the weapon "models" read: 01 00 00 80 xx 00 xx 00 (where "xx" represents a byte position that varies in value among the "models")

My notes on the data were hastily scribed, so if anyone wants clarification on any point, please ask. Once again, the "ModelMine" for Serge's (suspected) battle and weapon models and all the associated textures are in the attached zip if anyone would like to investigate.
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