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Postby mariokart64n » Mon Apr 09, 2007 18:51

First off, awesome site you got here, I've found a few things already that have been a huge help :P

anyway I posted this at yaz0r, but never caught any interested of anyone, so i was hoping i'd get more luck here;

there is an archive extractor at allcurd.cc which can decompile the xenosaga big files. but I'm no coder, so i was only able to pull out textures, via hexeditor. but never could get them to work >_<
Image Image

I don't know why I can't get the surounding textures to work, but i've tried different TIM2 options in the image header. (file compression??-> image doesn't seem swizzled at all)

also there were a few file types asssicated with KOSMOS's name, when I was poking around;
SED - ??
SWD - ??
XTX - texture data
BIN - base model?
ESD - contains icons
JNT - bone chain?
LEX - ??index file
FPK - ??

if anyones interested in reversing this, i've posted some kosmos sample files here;

-thx a bunch in advance ^_^

-> oops seems the link to the samples dead, i'll try to get new ones if anyones interested.
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