Car racing simulations

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Car racing simulations

Postby algis » Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:42


I would like to find a common file format to share tracks (circuits) between few sim game engines. Among F1C, rFactor, GTR. GrandPrix 3 & 4, GPL.

Each have a different format and it is always a pain to have a track ready for different sim.

If anyone is interested; I have all sample files and some basic converters, but would like to make something "standard" like WRL or ASE and then the possibility to export the model directly from 3DS Max to the desired format.

If interested, just leave the message here; it forward EMail to me if someone reply.

(*) Thanks Mirex for your reply ;)

>> I know and have ZModeler 1.07 (2.0 is useless) but the guy dont want to share formats :(
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