Kmd and Oar file formats -Metal Gear Solid

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Kmd and Oar file formats -Metal Gear Solid

Postby Kazuya » Sat Jun 24, 2006 5:54

I have metal gear solid pc(it's exactly a direct conversion from the psx version), and i wanted to extract the models of it.

I locate the models in a archive(dar archive) called stg_mdl1.dar(stg refers to stage and mdl to models). The only program that i found and successfully extract these archives is UnMass 0.82. Also it's stage (1,2,3,4 etc.)has it's own models in a different folder with the same file name archive(stg_mdl1.dar).

The models are stored mainly in a format kmd and some others in oar(in archive can be
20 kmd and 4 oar files). Also the textures are stored in an other dar archive called stg_tex1.dar. I look to find what are these models, but the only thing i have found is that KMD is a file format made for compressing models(see

Anyone knows anything?
Heres some files to take a look(and sorry for uploading in rapidshare, file size:158kb):
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