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Postby Lucleonhart » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:07

Jeah, that would be super great! :)
Isn't iit possible to use the human model standart bones for these models? It would be a little bit messed up, but better than now.
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Postby mario » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:19

Lucleonhart wrote:Ok, i simply exported the file as *.MS3D file, and opened it in Milkshape: The Result: http://www.lucleonhart.de/pics/milkshape.jpg O_O
Exporting it as a LWO File or something like that gives back this result: http://www.lucleonhart.de/pics/import.jpg

What the fuck? ^^

The mch files are here:
Simply download garden by Qhimm (I got a compiled version here: http://www.lucleonhart.de/files/Garden.rar ), press the decompile button (you have to give your "project" a name.. type something). Then Garden will completely decompile ALL files. After it has finished go to the directory where the garden.exe is. There is anew folder "ff8". Go to this subfolder:
It is "ger" here, cause i have the german version. In that folder are the mch files! Have fun...

But i still don't know how to get that right puzzle Bahamut, or even a right export function.. Mirex?! ;)

hi Luc,
I didnt really use milkshape3d to view the file. But the model in mirex's biturn preview windows looks ok and didnt looks really messed up like the screen shot u took in milkshape3d.
Well there is another way, this time u can preserve the texture cordinate. This method requires 3rd party program. Its called Deep Exploration by Right Hemisphere.
This time u convert the file from
model -> ms3d -> ASE -> 3ds
using bituren here | use Deep Exp

U have to use deep exp to fix the coordinate problem when u save it as 3ds in deep exp. The ms3d still there becoz the ms3d were most stable format for the model tobe converted to.

This help?
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Postby mario » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:25

mirex wrote:Hi guys. I could fix the problems which cause that one format works and the other one does not ( like the negative tex coordinates and such ). But I don't know how to display models to look properly like http://bin.mypage.sk/FILES/render01-1-ray.jpg

I'll try to fix the issue with negative coordinates next week after I get back from vacation.

About the model screwed. Did kvaks return email to you about the format?

Cya after vacation, mirex. Enjoy.
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Postby mirex » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:05

No, sadly I got no response so far.
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Postby Lucleonhart » Thu Jul 20, 2006 14:54

I tried out that Viewer of Kvaks more and more. I just want to watch the animation of the models (and record it with fraps or something), so it is perfect. The only misery are the twisted model parts. :(

Here are some information about the button config:

RightMouseButton + MoveMouseUp/Down = Turn Model left/right
RightMouseButton + MoveMouseRight/Left = Turn Model up/down
STRG + RightMouseButton + MoveMouseUp/Down = ZoomIn/Out
STRG + RightMouseButton + MoveMouseRight/Left = MoveRight/Left
Caps + RightMouseButton + MoveMouseUp/Down = MoveUp/Down

So.. just need the models be be twisted the right way and it would be perfect! :)
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Postby flarespire » Tue Nov 24, 2009 21:10

i hope this gets sorted because i really want some models out of the dat files so i can papercraft em......grr.....get it sorted!!! :x :x :x :evil: :evil: :twisted:
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Reupload the FF8 Battle Model Viewer

Postby dragicorn » Mon Oct 24, 2011 22:50

mario wrote:Yeah. Last time i downloaded this file took me whole night to finish it. I've uploaded the file into your file server(http://bin.mypage.sk/).

Here is the address:
Model Viewer Updates

and something cool 8)

Could you please reupload this for me? I can't find it anywhere else. Thank you. :)
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